Will my tooth need special care after root canal therapy?

endodontist ArlingtonEndodontic therapy – also called root canal treatment – is a tooth-saving procedure that removes infected material deep inside a tooth. This kind of procedure can prevent the advancement of internal dental infections. After receiving root canal therapy, patients will need to exercise caution the first few days following their procedure. This means that people should be careful biting down or chewing with teeth that have been treated by our endodontist.

Sometimes, a restoration like a dental crown or inlay will be placed after root canal therapy. In this case, patients may need to wait until they heal from receiving their permanent restoration before resuming full oral function with their treated tooth.

Why choose an endodontist?

An endodontist is a specialist with advanced training and education to treat issues that affect the interior structures of teeth. Choosing a specialist means that you will enjoy highly focused care from an expert.

When is root canal treatment necessary?

This type of professional intervention can save a person from losing a tooth to disease. Endodontic care is necessary when the root canal is exposed to infection-causing bacteria and debris in the oral cavity. Inside a root canal are dental pulp and nerve endings. These structures cannot fight off infection; and when exposed to debris and bacteria, they easily become inflamed.

Once nerve endings and dental pulp become infected, professional intervention is necessary to prevent the condition from worsening and affecting other vital oral structures. An infected root canal can quickly become abscessed – which is a painful infection that might require a tooth extraction to mitigate one’s symptoms.

Root canal therapy might also be necessary after developing a chip or crack in a tooth. This is because cracks and chips might expose the root canal to harmful bacteria.

Will I be comfortable during treatment?

We take every measure available to maintain our guests’ comfort without sacrificing their safety. Our team administers anesthetic medications and sedatives, if necessary, to ensure a comfortable experience for our patients.

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