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My gums are sensitive. Do I have a tooth infection?

If you have noticed unusual, persistent sensitivity in your gums, it could be an indication of a tooth infection. However, it could also indicate the development of gum disease. It’s important to have the problem properly diagnosed by a dentist or endodontist to ensure the best possible treatment. Do I Have a Tooth Infection? Infections

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Causes and treatment for a tooth infection

Tooth infection occurs when tissue either on the outside or the inside of the tooth becomes infected, or abscessed. Infections most commonly affect the tooth pulp, the roots, or the gum adjacent to the tooth. An impacted tooth, such as a wisdom tooth that doesn’t have enough room to fully emerge, often develops infection at

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Will a Root Canal Save My Tooth?

If you have a tooth infection or a tooth that has been severely damaged, a root canal procedure might be the best way to save your tooth from extraction. A root canal removes the source of infection so it will not spread and gives you a durable crown to protect the tooth and provide you

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