Tooth Infection Doesn’t Have to Mean Tooth Loss

tooth infection ArlingtonAre you suffering with a toothache? Perhaps you suspect that you have a tooth infection. Fortunately, a tooth infection does not have to mean that you lose your tooth. Visiting an endodontist for root canal therapy can actually prevent the need for extractions.

We offer gentle and effective root canal treatment so that our patients can retain their biological teeth for optimal oral function.

Causes of Infected Teeth

Teeth become infected when they develop extensive damage. The inside of a tooth features the root canal. This part of dental anatomy is a hollowed area inside the tooth that contains important material such as dental pulp and nerve endings.

Root canals in healthy teeth are not exposed to oral bacteria and debris. But, when a tooth is decayed or broken, the root canal can become exposed to oral irritants. The most common causes behind infected teeth are untreated cavities and dental injuries.


Treating Infected Teeth

Treating infections in teeth begins with endodontic therapy. Endodontics is a type of dental specialty that focuses on the health of internal tooth structure. When the root canal is infected, a person is at risk for losing his or her tooth if the appropriate treatment isn’t delivered.

Endodontics, also called root canal therapy, involves removing infected material inside the root canal, cleaning it, and sealing it. Root canal treatment can literally save you from having to endure a tooth extraction. Moreover, a person gets to keep their biological tooth for optimal wellness.

Why Visit an Endodontist

An endodontist is an expert at caring for the insides of teeth. In addition to receiving a standard DDS, endodontists must complete advanced education and specialty training. They must also pass board examinations to earn their certification to practice as a specialist.

Visiting our endodontics practice means that you will receive highly focused care from a professional who has dedicated their life’s work to the very ailment from which you suffer. Receiving treatment from a specialist is beneficial to those with complex cases as well.

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