New Technology

We are continually investing in the latest technologies in order to provide you with a positive experience and make your root canal treatment as effective and predictable as possible.

Sirona 3d-imagingSirona 3D Imaging

This system provides 2D and 3D digital imaging of the entire mouth and jaw. Learn more about our digital imaging system.

schick-by-sironaSchick Digital Radiographs

Our advanced intraoral digital radiograph system is a convenient, accurate way to see patient xrays.

acteon-sopro-717Acteon Sopro 717 – Intraoral Cameras

These small, handheld cameras give Dr. Peterson a live feed to a chairside monitor.  The camera allows the doctor to address many oral issues without the use of traditional microscopes and mirrors.

global-surgical-microscopeGlobal Surgical Corporation – Surgical Microscopes

State-of-the-art surgical microscopes help our team to perform even the most complicated procedures with accuracy and precision.

pulse-ox-monitorsWelch Allyn Pulse Oximeters

These non-invasive monitors keep track of patients’ oxygen levels during the root canal procedure and during recovery.

m-wireM-Wire Endodontic Files

These cutting-edge files accurately shape the root canal for natural irrigation,  ridding the root canal system of harmful bacteria.

root-zxMorita Root ZX – Apex Detectors

Invented in 1992, the Morita Root ZX is still the industry standard for the accurate detection of the tooth apex (area where root canals are performed). Accurate detection helps insure accurate treatments and rapid patient recovery.