Our Pets

Animal lovers indeed!

Each staff member at Uptown Endodontics love animals. We save animals in our personal lives as passionately as we approach our professional responsibilities saving teeth.

Check out Dr. Peterson and her staff members’ loving pets and their rescue stories. Each animal has a special place in her owner’s home.

Dr. Peterson

arlington-tx-jill-peterson-dds“I have old cats from long ago and far away.”
endodontist-arlington-tx-lannieLannie was a rescue from Hurricane Katrina. We call her “Lannie from Louisi-Annie”.
endodontist-arlington-tx-cougarCougar was Feral and came to live with me from a cat sanctuary in Dallas when I was completing my PhD. She is very shy but very sweet.
endodontist-arlington-tx-stormyAnd then there is Stormy who I found in my Azaleas abandoned by her mother on a very Stormy night. I raised her from two days old and she is more like a dog than a cat.
endodontist-arlington-tx-stormyI decided to adopt a senior dog this past summer. Sasha is 10 to 12 years old and her person died. She came from Oklahoma and had some significant health issues. Since July, she is settled in happily, regained her health and dropped 5 lbs! What a great decision; I highly recommend rescuing an older dog in need!!
endodontist-arlington-tx-stormyFitz, Zelda and Phoebe are all 4 years old and busy helping Sasha be a wild sheltie. These are my sheltie wolves and they keep me smiling!!


endodontist arlington texas
endodontist-arlington-tx-rosieWe found this baby girl under our car when visiting family in Seagraves, TX. She was not doing very well, so we took her home. We named her Rosie and she is the happiest little doggie I know. Her nickname is Ro-Ro!!
endodontist-arlington-tx-lexiLexi, the baby of Lilo (who has crossed the rainbow bridge), is very smart and loves to play ball with the boys. Lexi has the exact white markings that her mom had and we love this wonderful pup!


endodontist arlington texas
endodontist-arlington-tx-sarahThis is Sarah. She is a corgi mix and very busy! She plays well with the kids and guards our house like a German shepherd!!


endodontist arlington texas
endodontist-arlington-tx-sarahSol & Luna (Quaker Parrots) I raised by hand since they were 4 to 5 weeks old. They are now almost 3 yrs. old and are very curious and active. I am teaching them to be bilingual, but they understand more Spanish than they speak it.
Here are Sol and Luna showing off for the camera.


endodontist arlington texas
endodontist-arlington-tx-maxxI rescued Maxx from a kill shelter when he was just a puppy. The shelter didn’t have enough room for this adorable boy so we took him home and have never looked back – Great dog!
endodontist-arlington-tx-cocoWe also adopted Coco from my sister-in-law who didn’t have the time to care for her. That was 9 years ago.. Maxx and Coco are very loveable dogs and we love them dearly!
endodontist-arlington-tx-tyson-and-midnightIn 2010, my son and I were leaving the grocery and saw this lady giving away a big, black and white Kitten. We stopped and I fell in love with Midnight!! Tyson, the tabby was also adopted. Tyson and Midnight are BFFs!!

Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

endodontist-arlington-tx-fionaMar’s dog, Fiona, crossed over the rainbow bridge on Oct 21, 2012
endodontist-arlington-tx-maizieDr. Peterson’s Sheltie – Maizie Grace, crossed the Rainbow Bridge April 21, 2010
endodontist-arlington-tx-kipDr. Peterson’s cat – Kip crossed the Rainbow Bridge December 29, 2011
endodontist-arlington-tx-liloCrystal’s dog, Lilo – Lilo crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
endodontist-arlington-tx-scootScooter crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 26, 2014.
endodontist-arlington-tx-caneAngie’s Kane crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 2014.


We support the efforts of the many agencies for care, training and advocacy of animals in the DFW Metroplex and our Arlington Community. We are active supporters of:

Patriot PAWS Service Dogs trains and places service dogs with disabled veterans nationwide at no charge. The Patriot PAWS program addresses a number of needs in the community. Disabled veterans regain lost independence and emotional stability. Prison inmates, who have an active part in training the service dogs, have the opportunity to learn a new vocation and give back to society while incarcerated. Rescue and shelter dogs are given a new lease on life and will help to change people’s lives.