Dental Trauma to Permanent Teeth


arlington endodontistDamage to permanent teeth can lead to various side effects and problems if it is not treated. In some cases, trauma affects the interior portions of the tooth. In these cases, an endodontist might be required to help save your tooth.

Side Effects of Dental Trauma

Injury to the teeth and mouth can cause a number of problems with your oral health in general. If teeth are broken, the nerve and sensitive pulp tissues can be injured or become infected. When a tooth is loosened, there could be damage to the root or nerve that isn’t immediately apparent. Teeth can also be knocked out completely. In some cases, it’s possible to set them back into place successfully, but this doesn’t always work.

When a tooth is loosened, there could be damage to the root or nerve that isn’t immediately apparent.

If the tooth’s interior is injured due to dental trauma, you might require the services of an endodontist. An endodontist specializes in treating the interior of the tooth, specifically the root canal, which houses the tooth’s sensitive pulp and nerves. If the tooth’s interior has been injured, this type of treatment can help you keep the tooth rather than having to have it removed.

When Do I Need an Endodontist?

If you have experienced trauma or injury to your permanent teeth, you should see a dental professional as soon as possible. Depending upon the type of injury, you might need to see an endodontist. In some cases, the tooth might appear to be all right, but over time it becomes apparent that there is a problem with the pulp or the tooth nerve. Some symptoms to look out for include:

  • A tooth that turns black or dark gray
  • Extreme sensitivity
  • Swelling, redness, fever, or other signs of infection

These symptoms can all indicate damage to the pulp or nerve. You should see your dentist for further evaluation. This evaluation can include X-rays and testing the tooth for certain types of sensitivity. If necessary, you can undergo a root canal treatment, which will remove the infection and allow you to keep your tooth.

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