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Lift your spirits with a gum lift

If you have a gummy smile, it might make you self-conscious about showing your teeth. In order to reduce the amount of gum that shows, you can have a crown lengthening procedure, making your smile the best it can be. What is a Gummy Smile and What Causes It? A “gummy” smile is also referred

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Is crown lengthening a lengthy process?

Crown lengthening is a procedure used to expose more of the tooth by removing gum tissue. This can be done for cosmetic reasons or to make room for a dental crown. The length of time the procedure takes depends upon how many teeth are being treated and how much tissue must be removed from each

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Treatment Options for a ‘Gummy Smile’

If you have a smile that exposes your gums as well as your teeth, you might feel self-conscious about it, especially if your gums appear large in proportion to your teeth. Known as a “gummy smile,” this issue can be addressed with cosmetic procedures like crown lengthening. Restoring your smile to more aesthetically pleasing proportions

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Crown Lengthening: Purpose and Procedure

Crown lengthening is a procedure sometimes combined with placing a filling or a crown. If there is not enough of the tooth exposed to anchor a crown or if a cavity is located below the gum line, this procedure makes it possible for your dentist to complete the restoration of your tooth. Purpose of Crown

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Enhance Your Smile with Esthetic Crown Lengthening

The perfect smile presents a balanced look where the gums complement the teeth. Some people have “gummy” smiles, in which the ratio between the gums and teeth detracts from the appearance. If you feel your smile shows too much gum and not enough teeth, esthetic crown lengthening might be the answer. What Is Crown Lengthening?

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