CBCT Event

Cone-Beam-Computed-Tomography-Event-DrHunt-DrSolis-DrPetersonOur goal was to provide each referring dentist a chance to explore hands on CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) scans with the assistance and direction of Sirona (the Manufacturer) and a radiologist.

(pictured) Dr. Greg Hunt and Dr. Michele Solis with Dr. Peterson

Here are some photos!

Cone-Beam-Computed-Tomography-Event-Office1Office ready to go for Event
Cone-Beam-Computed-Tomography-Event-Office2Office ready to go for Event
Cone-Beam-Computed-Tomography-Event-RangersThemeThe Rangers were our theme!
Cone-Beam-Computed-Tomography-Event-LearningIntense learning!
Cone-Beam-Computed-Tomography-Event-DrLaquita-DrPetersonDr. Laquita Rhone won the drawing! With Dr. Peterson

Thanks To Everyone That Participated!