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Dental Root Canal to Treat Nerve Issues

Nerve issues in the tooth can lead to persistent discomfort, extreme sensitivity, and other issues. A dental root canal procedure can remove the problem tissue and reduce your discomfort while still allowing you to keep your tooth. Do I Need a Root Canal? The root canal procedure is generally used as a last resort to

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Common Reasons for Root Canals

A dental root canal procedure is performed on a tooth that is severely damaged, infected, or extensively decayed. The procedure allows a tooth in this kind of condition to remain functional. The tooth is treated, then covered with a crown, so you can continue to use the tooth rather than having it extracted and replaced.

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How Does a Root Canal Become Infected?

The dental root canal is an interior chamber of the tooth where the pulp and nerve are located. This area can become infected due to severe decay, damage, or other issues. When infection occurs here, an endodontist can remove the infected tissue and save the tooth. Causes of Infection in the Root Canal Although most

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Why Choose a Veneer Instead of a Replacement Crown?

Veneers are a versatile and relatively non-invasive alternative to crowns for use in cosmetic treatments. In cases where the front surfaces of the tooth is damaged or discolored, crowns were once used to correct the tooth’s appearance. Now, most dentists prefer veneers for this type of cosmetic work. Uses for Veneers Veneers are very popular

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When is a Crown Necessary?

Crowns are an important restoration method for teeth that have been severely damaged or that have undergone a root canal treatment. They also serve to anchor crown and bridge tooth replacements. Although some cosmetic procedures once used a crown, today this treatment is much more commonly used for restoration. Deciding on a Crown Crowns are

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