Our Office Donates to Arlington Police Dept.

endodontist-arlington-tx-k9-1We are also proud sponsors of the Arlington Police Canine Unit! In fact the money we donated to the APD will be put toward a new police dog to replace the retiring canine officer, Doc. Doc, Kazan and Oscar visited our office with thier officer handlers, Bob, Wade, Vince and their boss Kevin! We had such fun meeting them. We also sponsor the Wrist Band Program sponsored by the Arlington Police Department helping to reunite lost children and adults with their families or places of residence. We enjoy living in Arlington and honored to support the Arlington community!

Meeting the Arlington Police Canine Unit

endodontist-arlington-tx-k9-2Officer Muguerza and Officer Ramsour play with Kazan
endodontist-arlington-tx-k9-3Vic is introduced to Dr. Peterson by Officer Muguerza
endodontist-arlington-tx-k9-4Oscar, Officer Ramsour’s dog
endodontist-arlington-tx-k9-5Oscar and Dr. Peterson chit-chatting!

Thanks Arlington Police Department!